These Lake Forest Veterinarians Offer Contact-Free Services

veterinarian in latex gloves examining dog paw

There are a variety of options when seeking exceptional veterinary services near your Lake Forest apartment. Here are two facilities offering curbside services for your furry family member.

Lake Forest Animal Clinic

Lake Forest Animal Clinic has been providing outstanding animal care for over 40 years. The owners are local college graduates who believe in staying continuously up-to-date in all aspects of their education and training. They are currently offering contactless patient admissions for all provided services.

For dogs, the clinic recommends walking or carrying them to the foyer, placing the provided leash over their head, and then closing the door behind you. For cats, please bring them to the lobby in a secure cat carrier and close the door behind you. If you do not have a cat carrier, let them know beforehand.

Regardless of what service you require, call before your appointment for tips on how to ease potential anxiety you or your pet may have! They understand it’s often difficult to leave your pet alone. If you just need medication or flea and tick prevention, they can deliver it without human contact. 

Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest

Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest believes in treating each animal they care for—and their owners—with the utmost respect. They guarantee your pet will be comfortable during their visit and that their veterinarians and vet techs uphold the highest standards of care.

The Animal Hospital is currently offering curbside services by appointment. Simply call when you arrive, and someone will come out to your car and assist you. Medication refills and prescription food orders can be placed online and delivered to your car curbside.

Taking your animal to the vet can be an emotional experience, but these two facilities near your Lake Forest apartment are here to make the process as easy as possible. For more great services happening in your community, take a look at our blog. To schedule a virtual tour of our apartments, contact us today. 

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