Where You Can Find Delicious Asian Cuisine in Lake Forest

a meal of hot pot is on a wooden table

When the cravings strike for great Asian food in Lake Forest all you can do is surrender to the call. Check out these top spots that offer some glorious goods, to-go. If you are on the hunt for the best new apartments in Lake Forest, as well as some quality dim sum, the experts at Kelmscott Apartments can help you out too.

Dangela’s Dumplings

Chinese food is great, but a restaurant that’s giving center stage to one of China’s most legendary sides is even better. Dangela’s Dumplings combines quality ingredients and good ol’ traditional Chinese recipes to create some of the most delicious dim sum to devour in the Lake Forest area. For the time being, they offer delivery, take out, or limited indoor seating.

Viet Taste

Great Vietnamese food has a freshness to the ingredients that packs a refreshing flavor punch. Viet Taste has just that. Their vegetarian and meat options are equally delicious, so you can feel good about any choice on the menu. Here you can get a delicious banh mi sandwich or some classic pho to-go.

Lola Adang’s Kusina

Filipino food is vastly underrated, especially the food at Lola Adang’s Kusina. Their Adobo chicken in particular flies off the menu. Be careful if you’re choosing them during a lunchtime rush hour—they might run out of your favorite menu items before you can even order them. If the menu items are unfamiliar and overwhelming, don’t worry! The staff are very helpful and will lead you to a good dish to satisfy your taste buds.

The hunt for great Asian food in Lake Forest may be over, but perhaps your search continues for the right place to call home. Contact Kelmscott Apartments today to learn more about their conveniently situated apartments in Forest Lake, IL.

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