Check Out La Plancha Loca for Amazing Tacos

tacos on blue table

There are tacos, and then there are tacos. The fresher the ingredients and the better they are paired together, the more amazing the result. At least that’s the approach taken at La Plancha Loca, a delicious new taco shop near Lake Forest.

The Origins of La Plancha Loca

La Plancha Loca opened earlier in 2019. The creation of Jorge Blancas, an award-winning taco maker who won top honors at the North Shore Taco Fest in 2017. Blancas moved to the U.S. from Mexico about 20 years ago, and he has had a long career as a chef at restaurants like Masck. Tacos are his true passion, and he aims to make them as authentically as possible.

Visiting La Plancha Loca

The restaurant has a small, yet inviting dining space. A long bar-style table against the window is the perfect spot to enjoy tacos and relax. Menus written on chalkboards, bright colors, and a hex tile floors add a modern vibe. There are numerous sauces and toppings provided so you can customize your tacos! When the weather is nice, you can also take a seat outside on the patio.

The Best Tacos

The menu may not be long, but that’s part of the beauty of this place. Everything they make, they make well. The skirt steak tacos are topped with a zesty combination of onions and cilantro. The chorizo tacos are a great choice if you’re in the mood for something spicy. And if you’re in the mood for seafood, you can’t go wrong with the Plancha shrimp tacos or Plancha fish tacos.

La Plancha Loca is the perfect spot to stop for a quick lunch the next time you’re out on the town. They’re open daily from 11 am onward. You’ll find the restaurant at 548 Sheridan Rd. in Highwood. Stop by soon, and contact us to learn more about our community nearby.

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